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Video Production Handbook

2017-10-08 || 16:39:20

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The book is your guide to the full production process, from start to finish. Through this resource, you will learn everything from the inception of an idea until the final distribution. The book pays a lot of attention on why every step needs to happen. Not only that, it also provides guidance on very simple methods you can use to create the shots you want in your video project. By concentrating on the techniques and concepts of the latest equipment, Video Production Handbook is able to show you the very basic principles you need to create great video content with whatever budget you may have.

In the world of film production, techniques matter. Having a great concept doesnít automatically mean you will have a great program. The final product depends on how you present you subject in a way that will influence your audience to respond. This is why itís very important to choose picture and sound very wisely to convey ideas in a way that is both interesting and persuasive. And this book will teach you everything you need to know.